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Our Story

THEE MAKEUP ROOM LLC, is a MakeUp Salon concept created by our CEO and Founder Rachel Wynn.

Rachel is a Celebrity makeup artist, and after countless post and numerous tags via social media from clients who are looking for a MUA, she decided to finally answer the call for a space that caters to the makeup community, and to the needs of women in the Cincinnati area," looking" for a MUA, and that answer is THEE MAKEUP ROOM. This concept allows clients to WALK-IN or schedule Makeup appointments with highly trained and experienced MakeUp artist in our studio. Best of all there is no irritating back and forth calls, or scheduling and getting cancelled on by your MUA. Its simple, you show up and the first available MakeUp artist on our team will get you in the chair and out the door looking amazing. You can also book appointments with your favorite MUA, as well. The convenience and ease that we offer is just one of the best parts of  THEE MAKEUP ROOM.  We are excited to bring such a concept to the Cincinnati area and we believe this concept is your answer to your makeup nightmares. We offer everything from everyday glam, to Wedding glam, to RED CARPET Glam.

WE ARE HERE TO SERVICE YOU FOR EVERY OCCASION. We even offer GLAM PASSES for those who are serious about their glam, and looking good for every occasion on their busy social calendar. Its everything that the girl want and need! Tell a friend and be sure to share our story with someone you love. We'll see inside THEE MAKEUP ROOM beauty.

Meet our owner

Rachel is a celebrity Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist. Rachel has over 15 years of experience and has had the pleasure of working with many high end cosmetic brands like DIOR, BECCA Cosmetic, PUR Cosmetic, and CHANEL. She has trained with the Sephora Brand and currently works as an instructor with the AVEDA Institutes where she teaches, and certifies makeup artist. Follow her on all her social platforms and stay connected.

Our Clients

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